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CharactersNitya VishalNitya Teja
Maturity (days)120-125 125-130
Height (cm)165-170165-170
Primary Branching9-12 9-12
Siliqua on Main Access (No)40-5040-50
Siliqua Length (cm)5-66-7
Seed ShapeRoundRound
Seed Color Dark Brown Brown
Seed SizeBoldMedium
No. of Grain/Siliqua10-15 12-16
Reaction to Diseases and Abiotic StressTolerant to white rust and downy mildew in timely sown conditionTolerant to white rust and cold
ShatteringNon-shattering at maturityNon-shattering at maturity

Other relevant information Spacing : 45 cm X 15 cm
Seed Rate per acre : 0.75 - 1.0 Kg