Production - Technology

Some of important technical aspects of hybrid seed production of important field crops are as below

Crop Fs requirement/Ac Female/Male Isolation distance (mts) Pollination Method Remarks
Bajra 1.5 0.5 6:2 400 Wind pollination Depending upon the plant height and pollen shedding capability of pollen parent, row ratio can be increased/decreased
Paddy 6.0 3.0 6:2 100 Shaking of male rows with sticks to ensure pollen dusting Spraying of chemicals like GA3 and leaf clipping helps in better exertion and seed set
Sunflower 1.5 0.5 Separate blocks in 3:1 ratio 400 Pollen is collected from male plants & gently rubbed on females Pollen can be stored in refrigerators for 2-4 days in case of delay in flowering of female rows
Maize 5.0 2.5 4:1 or 6:2 400 Wind pollinationDe-tasselling of female rows is done manually before they start shedding pollen
Sorghum 3.0 1.5 8:2 250 Wind pollination Avoid Cool and rainy days during flowering