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CharactersNitya Divya Nitya Bhagya
Growth HaibtHigh Vigour & SpreadingHigh Vigour & Spreading
Days to Flowering60-6554-60
Nodes upto Primary Raceme15-2118-20
SpikeVery Long and Semi CompactLong and Loosely Packed
Nature of CapsulesSpinySemi Spiny
Oil Content (%)48%48.5%
Duration (days)200-220215-220
BranchingHeavy (8-10)Heavy & divergent (6-8)
Special FeaturesSemi Compact spike reduces incidence of botrytisHigh oil contgent and High test weight

Other relevant information Spacing : 90cm X 60cm or 90cm X 90cm
Seed Rate per acre : 2 - 2.5 Kg