Sorghum (Jowar)

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CharactersNSH-18Nitya ShivajiNSH-14NU Vittal
Plant Height (cm)180-200190-220175-195185-205
Days to Flowering65-6868-7264-6866-70
Ear Size/Shape Long & CylindricalSemi Compact & SpindleCylindricalSemi Compact & Spherical
GrainRound, Medium bold with good lusterRound, Bold and LustrousRound, Bold and LustrousRound, Bold and Lustrous
Duration (days)105-110110-115100-105110-115
Special Features.Easily threshableEasily threshableMedium boldBold & attractive grain

Other relevant informationSpacing : 60 cm X 15 cm
Seed Rate per acre : 3 Kg